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Anchor Grips

Anchor wedges and barrels
Anchor wedges and barrels

Anchor wedges

The anchor wedges are manufactured from case hardened steel especially produced for Paul.
Accurate, automated production plus stringent testing guarantee the highest quality

There are three different types of anchor grips:

Type A

Type A: Open grip, the simplest and cheapest design

Type F

Type F: Enclosed grip, with screwed or bayone t cap

Type K

Type K: Coupler, with which two strands are joined thus enabling remaining strand/wire pieces to be used up

Each individual wedge segment is examined for exact tooth shape by computer cameras. Anchor barrels are manufactured from high-tensile crack-tested basic material in a special process, and are only stamped and released for dispatch after final ultrasonic testing.

In this way, we ensure the highest industrial safety and long service life of the anchor components.